SlowStop® Type 3 Energy Absorbing Bollard

Product Number: SS6Y-42


SlowStop Type 3 – Energy Absorbing Bollard


Reduce damage.  Stop repairing and replacing bollards.  Protect buildings, assets, vehicles, and pedestrians from damaging collisions.  Facility maintenance and safety has never been easier.

The Type 3 diameter kit comes with everything needed to install a single rebounding SlowStop Bollard, including anchors.

Ideal for heavy applications such as delivery trucks, heavy fork lifts, and even semis.  Stops 2,260 kilograms at 12 kph.  In fact, this bollard will even stop 36 tonne at 3.05 kph.  Standard flexible steel bollard kit is 42” tall and comes in a durable yellow powder coat with black cap. 

Call us for custom heights or retro-reflective striping or see our bollard covers.  Four styles of decorative bollard covers are also available for the 6” model.

Installation is simple, requiring only common tools and taking about 15 minutes per standard bollard.

  • Vehicle occupants are less likely to be injured as impacts are gradually softened.
  • Damage is reduced to both the vehicle and the bollard during impact.
  • Fork Truck loads are less likely to be lost during an accidental collision.
  • The modular system allows for the replacement of damaged parts without completely re-pouring concrete.
  • Flexible relocation without filling large core holes and chipping away old concrete.
  • Fencing and complex barriers can be created from slide-together connectors without the need for welding.

Call us for custom heights or retro-reflective striping.

Further technical information including AutoCAD formats can be found in our Resources section under Technical Specifications.


Technical Data

Height 1000mm high (custom lengths available)
Diameter 168mm
Weight 75 kgs
Horizontal Force 12,934 joules


  • Energy Absorption: 12,934 joules / 9,536 ft-lb
  • Temperature Rating: -40°C
  • Pipe Coating: 150µm Polyester Outdoor Powder Coat
  • Cast Iron Coating: Environmentally Friendly Water-Based KTL Coasting.


  • Loading Docks and Warehouse Entrance Ramps
  • Equipment and Storage Rack Guarding
  • Drive-Thru Lanes
  • Utility Protection
  • Pedestrian Safety
  • Access Denial
  • Post-tensioned Concrete




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