SlowStop® Type 1 Horsehoe Bollard (U Bollard)

Product Number: SS3Y-36-HS-36


SlowStop Type 1 Horseshoe Tandem Bollard


Two rebounding bollard bases with steel pipe and connectors to create a horseshoe bollard.  This is ideally suited to protect confined areas.

Creates twice the stopping power of a single Type 1 rebounding bollard.  This unit will protect against accidental impacts without the need to constantly repair the bollard.  Installs in less than an hour without the need to core existing concrete.  Steel pipe is pre-cut and painted yellow, although the entire unit can be painted to match existing colour schemes.

This unit is 915mm tall and 915mm wide.  Custom sizes are available.  Call today!


Technical Data

Width 915 mm wide (custom widths available)
Height 915mm high (custom lengths available)
Diameter 76mm
Weight 50kgs
Horizontal Force 3,240 joules


  • Energy Absorption: 3,240 joules / 2,390 ft-lb
  • Temperature Rating: -40°C
  • Pipe Coating 150µm Polyester Outdoor Powder Coat
  • Cast Iron Coating: Environmentally Friendly Water-Based KTL Coating


  • Column Protection
  • Pedestrian Protection
  • Rack and Equipment Guarding
  • Access Denial
  • Post-tensioned Concrete



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