Mine Post

Product Number: 8080

Mine Post

Product Number: 8080



The Haul Road Edge Marker Post (Mine Post)  is fitted with a specifically designed “Flexi-Tuff®” patented hinge system and offers the unique ability to ‘automatically’ fully recover itself to an upright position following a collision. Between 2008 and 2011, 26 mining workers died from work related deaths, 50% of these involved a vehicle.  Vehicle accidents and roll-overs are a major OH&S hazard,  The annual cost to the industry through insurance claims, lost time, injuries and equipment repairs is substantial.



Rollovers – cost money

Rollovers – cost time

Rollovers – cost lives!  

… every life lost is ONE TOO MANY!


Technical Data

Height 2500mm
Diameter 80mm


  • The unique Flexi-Tuff® Hinge Technology ensures the post returns to an upright position – time and time again!
  • An extensive range of optional coloured ‘post pockets’ or ‘wrap around Class 1A Delineators” are available to provide ‘easy to see’, reflective guidance for road users
  • Easy to install – Two options: driveable spikes and ‘dig-in’ rubber hinge
  • Made from a durable polycarbonate material



Driveable Guide Post:


Manual Driver for Guide Posts

Jackhammer for Guide Post Installation

Driver Tool for Jackhammer Installation

1. Stand post in position for installation

2. Insert driver tool into the spike sleeve

3. Hammer post into ground until top of spike is level with the surface

Note: Dig in posts are installed using an auger or shovel.


Installation 1

Installation 2

Installation 3

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